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Today's housing market is incredibly competitive. Vendors and buyers have a wide choice of which Estate Agency they wish to use, from the local independent Estate Agencies to the large corporate Estate Agency chains. All have a visible high street presence, as they try to woo the house buying and selling public. But yet some Estate Agencies are more successful than others.

So why do so many people do choose Codys?

  • Reputation
  • Recommendation
  • Relocation


Codys have an enviable reputation for selling houses both quickly and at market prices. We want your business and that is why we offer FREE market appraisals, our valuers will visit your home at your convenience. They will provide you with an estimate of the open market value and deliver a marketing strategy to ensure a sale in the optimum time, confirming all of this in a written report.


If you go for a meal and you enjoy it, you recommend the restaurant to your friends. Here at Codys we ask that if you are happy with the services we provide that you recommend us to your family & friends. We now have a referral scheme to reward you for your being a valued client.


Although relocating can be one of life's challenges, it is also an adventure. By guiding you through this experience with knowledge and patience, the transition can be a piece of cake!

We can advise you on everything from hiring a professional moving firm, packing tips on how to protect your valuables, through to ideas about helping your children settle into a new school

Helping the kids

The home you are moving from may be the only one your child has ever known. There's a sense of familiarity there, not only with the house, but everything around it. The neighbourhood friends, parks, and schools will no longer exist for them. That's why moving can be especially troubling for children. But if parents understand what their child's concerns and needs are, a lot of distress can be avoided.

What are your kids concerned about?

  • Preschool children tend to worry about being left behind or separated from their parents.
  • Kids aged 6 to 12 can be concerned with how their daily routines will be affected.
  • Teenagers are concerned primarily with fitting in and having their social life disrupted.

Ideas for easing their concerns include: Communicate with your child about what the new house will be like. Take them on a visit of the new home and neighbourhood, but if you can't, take lots of pictures or videotape it to make them feel more comfortable with their future surroundings.

Get information on the schools and childcare available in your area. If you can, visit the school with your child and meet some of the teachers.

Try to get your child involved in the moving process. Have them pack some of their own special belongings and younger children can decorate the box with stickers and/or markers. Be sure to keep this "box of necessities" close at hand during the move.

Make plans together on how to decorate their room. You may want to leave their surroundings the same, but this could also be a great time for change. Maybe let them pick a colour of paint for their new room or a new bed set.

Ask your child what some of the favourite things in their life now are and try to make those happen at the new house.

Most kids will have lots questions, so answer them in a positive way and be understanding of the fears they're facing. Focus on things for them to look forward to, like a first snow or their own room!

Starting over in a new place is never easy. If possible, find pen pals in the new location before you move so your child will have someone to interact with and learn about the area.

Contacting the local Chamber of Commerce for pamphlets on the area is another great way for your family to sit down together and visualize what the new town will be like.

Leaving friends behind may be one of the harder things your child has to do. Throw a going away party with their friends and take lots of pictures to make a nice scrapbook for them to look back on. Give them a stationary set or prestamped cards so they can stay in touch with friends too.

Just think, when you relieve the stress your children are feeling, you reduce your own stress and are able to focus more on other aspects of your move!

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Marketing Innovation

Cody Estate Agents & Lettings realise the importance of correct marketing. We address the needs of both seller and buyer concentrating our efforts not just in a local market place but regionally and nationally. We use a Powerful and sophisticated search and match facility to ensure applicants are provided with details of suitable properties in their chosen area in the most efficient and cost-effective way. This can be either in paper formats or in electronic formats such as email or SMS text direct to your mobile phone.

Administrative Efficiency

Our in house software effectively manages the complete sales process from valuation to completion. The Sales Progression system allows the whole sales process to be fully tracked and helps us to continually chase the sale through the legal system. An inbuilt sophisticated report generator means we can quickly access the history of any sale.

Value for Money

Most Agents use a sliding scale fee structure and the fees you will be charged will depend on the value of your house. At Codys we believe that you should receive the same quality service whether your house is worth £10,000 or £1M and that is why we offer a fixed fee that is agreed upon at valuation. Our fees are most competitive and can include a total package including solicitorís fees.

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