Selling Tips

So you want to sell your house for the best possible price!

To achieve your goals it's vital that your property has an immediate appeal that gives it an advantage over other similar properties.

Now put yourself in your prospective buyers' shoes. What do you look for in a house? What might put you off a property?

Imagine how nice it would look to walk through the door of a home with the central heating on full blast and a nice cosy fire lit in the lounge!

Spending just a little time and money may give your home this advantage and, with the skills of your Codys Valuer, help you achieve your goals.

Here are ten simple points for you to consider. They are all quite obvious but are too often ignored. Use the tips to spruce up your home and improve your chances of selling at the price you want. They are all simple ideas that will help in the speed of your sale and they won't break the bank!!


First impression counts! Make sure that the first view your prospective buyer gets is a good one.

  • Generally tidy the area to the front of your home, this will give it a "cared for" welcoming look.
  • Repair (or even replace) your front door and make sure that the door furniture is firmly fixed and clean(if your garage is in the front, look at that too).Make sure exterior lighting looks good and is working.
  • Tidy the garden(front and rear) by weeding around the plants, trimming hedges, moving grass and replanting neglected flower beds. Give fencing a fresh coat of paint or creosote.
  • Check and repair guttering down pipes, blocked drains etc (if you don't you can be sure the buyer will!)
  • Sweep the yard or any hard standing area and if you have a garden shed or garage clear out the clutter so that a purchase may see the space available(to put their clutter in).

These tips are of course very general, please ask your Codys valuer to get the best advice on preparing to market your home!


We don't all have the same taste! When your buyers step into the house, they need to be able to visualise how it would feel to live there, with their belongings and decorated to your taste.

  • Refresh the paint on the walls and woodwork to make your house feel clean and bright especially in the hall. Redecorate rooms that have bright or strong colours with more neutral tones.
  • Examine the flooring throughout the house. Is it up to scratch? If not, replace with new - it will make your house more marketable and the cost should easily be covered in the sale. Think how nice it would be to ask a viewer to take off their shoes at the front door and step on the newly laid soft carpet.
  • Clear up all unnecessary clutter from the kitchen surfaces and cupboards to make the space as roomy as possible. Thoroughly clean tiles(and re-grout if required) and appliances. NOTE: replacing kitchen unit doors and worktops is an inexpensive way to transform a kitchen.
  • Clear and thoroughly clean throughout the bathroom. Tiles may be re-grouted(or whitened) if they're looking a little tired. The toilet seat can be replaced to add a fresh look. If a bathroom suite is old, damaged or an unfashionable colour you might consider replacing it with a smart new white suite(bought inexpensively from a local DIY superstore or plumbing trade centre).
  • If you are planning new furniture when you move, buy it now. A new sofa, suite, dining set etc will lend a whole new look to the house you're selling(and you can take it with you).

Home Sellers Checklist


  • Everywhere tidy
  • Hedges trimmed
  • Grass mown
  • Paths weeded
  • Fences in good order
  • Exterior lights working
  • Front door in good repair
  • Shed cleared / tidied
  • Rainwater goods in order
  • Clear of pet mess


  • Everywhere tidy
  • Clear of pet hair and odour
  • Paint clean/fresh and neutral
  • Floorings clean/fresh
  • Cupboards tidied


  • Fresh towels hung
  • Air freshener working
  • All fittings spotlessly clean
  • Toilet flushed


  • Posters removed
  • Cupboards tidy
  • Minimum furniture for maximum space


  • Clear access to bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Make sure the hall is bright and clean

Living/dining/reception rooms:

  • Shelves uncluttered
  • Dining table with chairs around
  • Turn on the fire
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